Holy Guacamole-GSP-Dog


It’s been a real long time since my last post.

Sincerest apologies.

Now that you’ve forgiven me, I have updates! If you’ve been keeping up with things on my website/FB page (that’s “facebook page” for my dad who looks on here periodically to get his awesome-puppy fix…love ya, dad!) then you don’t really need this update. But if you’re new to the party and are curious about puppies, then I have news for you:

Our incredible dog, Tally, was bred to Tad’s incredible dog, Scout. And now…they might have puppies. In about a week…maybe a bit more just to be certain…I “should” be able to tell if the breedings took! And let me tell you something: I WANT these puppies to come.


It could be because I love puppies. Or maybe because I love Tally. Maybe it’s because I love Scout (Silver-Fox, I call him). OR…yeah, it’s probably all those things.

Our last litter turned out so nice, guys. I felt honored to be part of matching puppies to their families and I’ve loved hearing from many of those families about how happy they are with their pals. (I’m accumulating some testimonials from those families so I can make another page on this website to keep up on very sporadically. Why is it so hard for me to ask for testimonials? “Hey, do you like your adorable puppy? Hows abouts a testimonial?” Really, it’s not that hard. I’m gonna get better at it.)

Getting Real:

If you are interested in one of our GSP’s, do yourself (and me) a favor. Research them! You must be committed to this breed. I have a lot of info here and here and everywhere on my website and there is a ton more info on the internet about the GSP. I have discouraged people from getting one of our puppies in the past and will continue to use discretion as to which homes my puppies go to. I used to get annoyed when I saw breeders say that on their website. But I get it now! This breed of dog is adorable as a puppy and beautiful as an adult. But they are a WORKING dog. If you aren’t prepared to give this dog some kind of daily job, then the GSP is not the dog for you. If this post offends you and makes you think twice about getting a puppy from me…well, that’s probably a good thing. The hardest things to hear are often the most accurate.

Okay…that’s out! *shake it off* My friend would tell me I’m getting kindof “mama bear” about these puppies.

Nature vs. Demand

This is the last paragraph i’m gonna type and then….cute pictures.

We have had a lot of interest in this litter! (probably because it’s gonna be amazing…have I said that already?) There’s a chance that we will not have enough puppies to match demand. It’s okay though, guys. Don’t even worry about it. I have a plan… If you turn in your deposit and there’s not a puppy for you, that money is still yours. I’m happy to reimburse that deposit or keep it and put it toward a future litter’s pup. AND…you’d jump to the from of the line for your picking-spot.

And that’s all! Here are some fun pictures, now. Man…I’d like to do a better job taking photos when we do things! I think I need a 3 sets of hands: Kid-hands, Dog-hands and Camera-hands. Come oooooon, evolution! 🙂

Real dog…real point…real quail (a whole covey in that hedge). But we couldn’t shoot ’em. Poor Tally 🙁

Playing hard-to-get for the Scout. Poor Scout. ;(

Where’s Tally??…


Q’melin Park. I don’t care how you pronounce it, it’s still beautiful!

And finally…the mom-face. Thank you, Tally. Happy Spring, y’all!


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