Happy Customers

GSP Families are Awesome Families

Have you ever noticed that certain animals attract certain people? I noticed that a lot with horses growing up…in general, I LOVED the horse people I met! Well, it’s the same way with dog breeds! And I really love the people that are attracted and committed to the German Shorthaired Pointer. It’s been an honor to provide pups to these people and I love it when they shoot me a photo and an update about how their buddy is doing. Here are a few people from the Panhandle Pointer family that agreed to write a review for us. THanks so much, guys! I’m still collecting testimonials, so if you’d like to be featured on this page, please talk to me!

Jessica and Jeff with Ruger

“Ruger was the perfect addition to our family! He has such a loving and spirited personality! We have been amazed at his ability to learn new concepts quickly and how eager he is to please. Thank you so much for our sweet boy!”


Tara and Rene with Sam

“We got our puppy Sam (aka “Capt America”) from Panhandle Pointers in January.  We could not be happier and are so incredibly grateful for Panhandle Pointers taking the placement, matching and screening process so seriously.  Linsey was so honest and helpful in both educating me on the various personalities of the puppies but also caring about the nature of the home the puppy would go home to.  It was really important to match the right puppy with the new owners.  She was spot on with her assessment of my not-so-little guy, he has been the perfect fit for us!  He is a beautiful classic looking GSP with a great personality.

We are not hunters, we are active outdoors people who love bird watching.  His temperament is so personable to all people, all ages, and all dogs he has encountered.  There is not an aggressive bone in him.  He is full of spunk as you can expect from a puppy and has really been the best little buddy for my 8.5 year old lab.  He is also SO SMART and trainable.  It takes once or twice and he’s got it.  My lab is very smart, but nothing like this GSP.  Wow!  I am not sure if this is genetics or the breed in general but he has been very fun to train.  As I said, we are not hunters it is fascinating to see how mesmerized Sam is by birds naturally! My lab could care less and just wants to chase squirrels.

One last thing, Tally (momma) is a gentle 50’ish pound GSP.  I never met the daddy, and I cannot speak to any of the other puppies.  Sam is about 45 pounds at 4.5 months and still has paws and skin to grow into.  He is solid muscle and already as tall as my 60 lb lab.  He may be a freak of the litter, but he is going to be a BIG GSP…45 pounds of pure loverboy and a pleaser.  Sam’s going to end up a gigantic lap dog!

I highly recommend Panhandle Pointers!”

Meghan with Jake

“My experience with Panhandle Pointers was nothing less than amazing. Living three hours from the pups made it a little difficult for some of the pieces of the puzzle. However, Linsey and her husband were so very accommodating and wonderful. I ended up with a beautiful male GSP who LOVES hunting, is a great companion, and just an all-around wonderful dog. I honestly could not have asked for a better experience and outcome for getting my first GSP.”