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**UPDATE: We do not have any litters planned for this upcoming year. Check back late 2019 to see if we will be having a litter in 2020.**

*God Bless!*

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I’m SO excited about this litter. If you’re looking for a serious hunting partner that is also a loving home companion, these are the pups for you! Check out Tally’s page for more info about how awesome she is. And take a look at this brag-blurb about Scout from his owner Tad Haney. No doubt about it…his dog is tried and true and sure to sire some incredible offspring. It was a pleasure to have him come and visit for a few days and he was a perfect gentleman indoors and out. It was fun to watch these two dogs work our back field together! Tally has speed, but Scout has experience and was honing in on scents that Tally would miss at first. I’m “jokingly” telling Matt we should keep one of these pups for ourselves. See Scout and Tally’s pups here and on our Facebook page.

First Class “Scout” On Point

We purchased Scout as a pup from Archie Malone of Jerome Idaho. I normally do not choose the pup, the pup chooses me and right from the start he nestled in, put his head down on my lap, relaxed and twelve years later will still do the same.
At four months of age I had Scout with me in the truck as I was driving the canal south of Filer looking for a pheasant. Long story short I drop a rooster out about 50 yards into the field and knew that the bird was head shot and going know where. A good friend thought it would be a good experience for the young Scout and turned him out to me. As Scout came a running he caught scent of the Rooster and as he approached, the bird jumped by reflex and sent Scout running. My first thought was “oh no, I blew it.” Scout took three steps on the run and quickly turned back to the bird. He pounced on the bird, retrieved the bird and came to my side with the bird. His education started early with the introduction of “whoa”, and then to live birds. He has made multiple trips down the Middle fork of the Salmon River on Chuker hunts, multiple trips to South Dakota on pheasant hunts, The Jarbidge River Basin for chuker, (That spelling just does not look right). He will climb into bushes to get quail out and will hunt till you decide to call it a day.
At home, on the river, wherever we are he knows how to act. One bed command and he heads to his bed and stays there. Those that have been on trips with him are amazed how good natured he is.
Grand kids can crawl all over him, kittens can cuddle to him, (cats while on the hunt are not a good idea though, he does not like stray cats). An amazing swimmer, he retrieves without hesitation, ducks, Geese, and all upland game birds.
We recently sold our acreage and are within the city limits at present. Scout has never really learned to bark so neighbors have no problems with him. I bring him in on the cold nights due to his age. From day one he has never had an accident in the house. You just do not find dogs as good natured as Scout.
Family dog and enthusiastic hunter. A trusting dog that will please at every opportunity.
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What You Can Expect with your Panhandle Pointer Pup


Each puppy will have their dew-claws removed by a vet and their tails docked to keep with the AKC breed standard. This is done within the first few days of life before the puppy’s nervous system is fully developed. That way there is little to no pain and no trauma. The pups will all be exposed to cuddling, playing in water, birds, loud noises, etc.

When you take your puppy home, you will also get the pup’s vaccination/worming records, AKC application, a small bag of dog-food and a scrap of the blanket they had with their litter-mates.

The pups will be $650 with a $150  *non-refundable deposit. Your deposit will hold your place in the picking-line, so if you are the first to put in your deposit, you will have the first pick of the litter. Second deposit, second pick, and so forth.

You will be required to sign our purchase agreement. This will protect the buyer, seller and puppy and will help to clarify any questions you may have.

Panhandle Pointers Purchase Agreement

*Nature doesn’t always give enough puppies to meet demand…in that case, we’re happy to return your deposit or put it towards a pup from a future litter.