GSP’s Bring Me Joy

Sitting with my chickens…

Watching our barn cats hunt…

Seeing my 4 year old snuggle the neighbor’s ponies…

Feeding our silly fish…

These are all things I love to do!

And I LOVE LOVE LOVE watching my kids play with our GSP’s. I love to watch the GSP’s run. I love it when they pull up into a dead stop and a staunch point. It tickles me every time. Even when Tucker is barking at the songbirds perching in our trees…I yell at him to stop, then I laugh.

This breed has so much personality, a huge desire to please and boundless energy. I’ve heard some people call the GSP “hyper”, but anybody who has had one (and taken care of them in the way that meets their needs) knows that they’re actually not “hyper”. They have a crazy, intense, focused energy that needs to be used. They are also incredibly smart. There are times when that energy and focus is so overwhelming that they tremble as they do their best to listen to your commands.

I love my GSP’s. They are like my children. To be clear…they are NOT my children. Only my children are my children. But they are so childlike in their behaviors. Every time I take my dogs out to run in our back field or snuggle up with them on the floor (again…only humans on my couch) I can feel that God loves me. And he gave me these creatures to have and give joy. I like to think that I bring my GSP’s joy as well.

Anyways…here are some videos of ways that our dogs bring me joy. 🙂

Posted by Panhandle Pointers on Wednesday, June 17, 2020

Oh my goodness, friends. I have been doing a rubbish job of updating this page. All puppies found homes and went home a few months ago and we have since added 2 barn kittens, 4 fish and 30 chickens to our homestead. I have had about 30 people contact me about puppies in the last month!! I’m having a hard time getting back to everyone so I’m hoping y’all will see this update in case I missed anyone.Tally had a tough time bouncing back from her last litter. She is coming close to mama-retirement age and I’m on the fence about breeding her again. I am taking her to the vet this Saturday to get her looked over. This will help me decide whether or not we want to squeeze in one more litter. If we do, puppies will be ready to go home early next year and I will start taking deposits for our waiting list next week. Thank y’all for being patient with my lack of communication. Also…here is Tucker “playing” with Jack. Bless his patient heart.Stay safe and God bless!

Posted by Panhandle Pointers on Wednesday, June 17, 2020

This is how breakfast and dinner usually go. We love our Tally!

Posted by Panhandle Pointers on Thursday, April 2, 2020

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