4-Week-Old GSP Puppies

4 Weeks Old Already!?

I can’t believe how fast these puppies are growing! It’s crazy! Their little tails are looking better every day as that bare spot gets hair growing over it. Each puppy’s natural personality is coming out more and more…but there’s one thing they all have in common: They LOOOOVE snuggles and pheasant wings! Okay, to be fair…Spiderman (dark blue) sometimes needs to be convinced to snuggle. But that’s not necessarily a bad thing! He is definitely the most independent and explores off on his own with little care for what everybody else is doing. That pup will make someone an incredible hunter! Then we have Thor (yellow)…who loves to lick the pheasant wings as long as he’s sitting in my lap. That pup is going to be glued to his future mama’s side! Each puppy is unique and I can’t wait to see what they become in their future families.

I started taking individual (posed) photos of each puppy…but they were not having it! So until I have another set of (adult) hands to help me out, I decided to get some short videos of each pup. And next week maybe I can get them to stand still! (right) Here they are:



Black Widow (reserved)

Thor (reserved)




Pestering Mama

Click here to see these puppies at week 3

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