What You Can Expect with your Panhandle Pointer Pup


Each puppy will have their dew-claws removed by a vet and their tails docked to keep with the AKC breed standard. This is done within the first few days of life before the puppy’s nervous system is fully developed. That way there is little to no pain and no trauma. The pups will all be exposed to cuddling, playing in water, birds, loud noises, etc.

When you take your puppy home, you will also get the pup’s vaccination/worming records, AKC application, a small bag of dog-food and a scrap of the blanket they had with their litter-mates.

The pups will be $650 with a $150  *non-refundable deposit. Your deposit will hold your place in the picking-line, so if you are the first to put in your deposit, you will have the first pick of the litter. Second deposit, second pick, and so forth.

You will be required to sign our purchase agreement. This will protect the buyer, seller and puppy and will help to clarify any questions you may have.

Panhandle Pointers Purchase Agreement

*Nature doesn’t always give enough puppies to meet demand…in that case, we’re happy to return your deposit or put it towards a pup from a future litter.


**UPDATE: We do not have any litters planned for this upcoming year. Check back late 2019 to see if we will be having a litter in 2020. God Bless!**


Last Litter:

Whelped 06/19/2018 and 06/20/2018

So far we have deposits on 8 puppies. Yellow Girl was the only puppy born on the 19th! Everybody else’s birthday is June 20th. My kids have coined each pup with a name from a Disney/Pixar movie while we have them. Of course, these names are not expected to be permanent. Just another way to distinguish them. 🙂


The Gals

Light Blue (Jesse…her collar was white in the other photos)


Pink (Aurora)



Red (Ariel)



Purple (Rapunzel)



Yellow (Belle)



The Guys


Black (Buzz)


Green (Dash)


Gray (Simba…his collar was orange in the other photos)


Brown (Spirit)


Dark Blue (Bolt)


And here are the pup’s parents pedigrees (alliteration much?). Meet the amazing dogs responsible for this litter here.