So you want a GSP Pup??

Some Things to Know…

Energy Level Of A GSP:

HIGH. These dogs are amazing and they will put their heart into any job you give them, but they need a job from the time you bring them home. That being said, a trained GErman Shorthaired Pointer can be calm! Many people think that the words “GSP” and “Psycho” are synonymous. This can be true with ANY breed of dog if it isn’t consistently trained. Our GSP has a Toni PF energy, yes…but she is calm and quiet around the house and whenever we ask her to be. So basically, keep their minds and bodies busy and you will LOVE your GSP. They are so fun to watch as they take new challenges in stride. Like any dog, if they aren’t challenged or given boundaries, they will act out and test their limits. Therefore, be prepared to show your pup you love them not only with lots of snuggles, but with vigorous exercise appropriate for their age.

How To Utilize My Pup’s Boundless Energy:

Walk, run, bike, hunt, swim, hike, jump, slide your pup any chance you get. Living in the Coeur d’Alene/Spokane area is a blessing because there are ample opportunities and places to take your pup. Don’t lock him up. The german shorthaired pointer has to run! That being said, be sensible about hard running and high jumps with your puppy. Their growth plates are still closing and could be damaged if jarred by strong impact. Also, use wisdom about where you take your puppy before he has all his shots. Parvo is a real threat that we almost lost a pup to when we were newlyweds. The more safe exposure and socialization, the better. In recent years, we’ve taken our new pups in a large handbag to stores like Costco and Home Depot. This challenges their senses, helps socialize them and keeps them away from fatal viruses in dog parks. Being active with your pup is a great way to bond with them and to solidify your leadership.


I’m convinced that there are no “bad” puppies. Pups will grow into whatever their environment provides. Humans have the best of intentions when getting a cute, new puppy…but we aren’t raising puppies, we’re raising dogs. Dogs cause problems when they aren’t given proper care, exercise, boundaries and training. Each puppy will exhibit different behaviors as it grows with it’s litter-mates. As I get to know you and as each puppy grows, I will give suggestions on which pup may fit your needs based on these behaviors. But keep in mind that your consistent training will effect your dog’s temperament even more than its natural personality.

Dog-Training Methods We Recommend Utilizing:

The Dog Father, Caesar Millan and your own instincts. Not all dogs are the same, so don’t feel like you have to stick rigidly to one training method. When all else fails, listen to your gut and remain calm. Here is a link to my facebook page with lots of videos of things we’ve done with our GSP.

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  1. Good lookin dogs. I have a Brittany that I hunt with…not anything fancy in her bloodlines (i’m not willing to spend $1,000+ for parent’s reputation), but she finds birds for me every time i’m out. I’m thinking about adding a GSP. Still doing research, but I like the look of them so far.

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