2 Week Old GSP Pups

I’m Loving the 2-Week-Old Phase!

Just a quick update with a couple of pictures. These puppies will be 2 weeks old tomorrow! It’s crazy! Their dew-claws and tails are almost completely healed over and are looking really good! Many of the pups are already taking wobbly steps on all fours instead of the funny swim-crawl they’ve been doing. Mama Tally continues to be amazing. We’ve had a few people over to look at pups and she has been so welcoming to the visitors. I think she’s just excited to show off her puppies. Life is good in the puppy-basement!

So…here are a couple of pictures of a puppy-tangle for your viewing-pleasure. I’m hoping that Matt will have some time to step away from fixing our truck so he can show me how to upload videos to this site. Until then, feel free to visit our Facebook page to see some videos of Tally and her pups. (now I need to upload more videos!)


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