GSP Pups are in Post Falls, ID!!

Hello, Puppies!

When we moved up here, I searched google for GSP’s for a loooong time! I tried searching for “GSP breeders in Post Falls, ID”…nothing. So then I tried “GSP puppies near CDA, ID” and “German Shorthaired Pointer puppies near Spokane, WA”. Still, nothing within hours of us! Well guess what…NOW there are GSP puppies in, near and around Post Falls, CDA and Spokane! Aaaaaaand they’re at my house. And they’re flippin’ adorable. They’re squeaking behind me at their mama right now. Just look at their adorably funny little faces. (why are all newborn creatures so funny-looking at birth??)


And here’s one proud mama. Tally’s mom down in AZ is such a great mother, and she’s passed that on to our girl. I’ve been amazed to see her natural instincts take over as she gives these pups all they need. So sweet. As a mother myself, I have a lot appreciation for this sweet dog. Her puppies were whelped on 11/19/17 and they are all doing great! My kids wanted to use the names of the Avengers so we can tell the pups apart. So we have Spiderman (does he really count as an Avenger??…i’m skeptical), Iron Man, Hulk, Thor, Captain America, Black Widow and Hawkeye (who, let’s be honest…is the coolest of them all). That’s a lot of boys and one tiny, feisty little girl! They are so tiny and new that I don’t want to put on they’re color collars yet, but they’re gonna look adorable when they have an official collar on! Anyways, I hope you all enjoy the pics and here’s our Pup page with info on what to expect when you get a puppy from Panhandle Pointers. I’ll be taking mug shots of each pup individually and putting them up on that page, soon.

God bless!


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    1. Hi, Peter! i’m sorry it took me a few days to get back to you…we’re having some technical difficulties. We have 2 liver/white female puppies available. Red and Purple. Here is my email if you’d like to chat more: God bless!

  1. Hello, I was just curious if you had any female available, or are planning to have any litters soon? My husband and I have a male and are looking to get a female.

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