GSP’s Last Week of Gestation

You Can Be A Big Pig Too!

So…I wish human gestation was only 9 weeks long! Good gracious… All I see when I look at Tally right now is Pumbaa from “The Lion King” with an apple stuffed into his mouth. She is so full of puppies!! And our home is so ready for those puppies to come. We haven’t seen much in the way of nesting, yet, and Tally’s temperature is consistently over 100*F…but as soon as her temp drops below 100, we should be seeing pups within the next 24 hours!! My gut is telling me it’s going to happen Wednesday night/Thursday morning. And i’m guessing Tally’s gonna have 6 puppies. Matt (my husband) is guessing 8+. How many pups do you think are squished inside that big belly?

I can’t wait to take pictures of their squishy little faces!

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